Staff and Board

Staff and Board

Board of Directors

Chair - Janos Wilder
Vice-Chair - Kevin Dahl
Secretary - Christopher Fullerton
Treasurer - Kevin Dahl

Karen Reichhardt, Doug Biggers, Caroyn Niethammer, Martha Burgess, Mahina Drees, Donna House, Karen Jambeck, Ronald Austin Wells, Dody Fugate


Administration & Development

Interim Executive Director - Laura JonesFinance & Operations Manager - Sheri Morgan
Communications Coordinator & Accounting Assistant - Wendi Mogul
Membership Coordinator & Administrative Assistant - Lahsha Brown

Conservation & Collections

Conservation Program Manager - Matthew Kost
Collections Manager - Joy Hought
Seed Distribution Coordinator - Sheryl Joy
Conservation Interns - Raymond Antone, Chris Honahnie, K.C. Randall

Conservation Farm

Farm Operations Technician - Morgan Parsons

Education & Outreach

Education Coordinator - Melissa Kruse-Peeples
VISTA Outreach Coordinator - Samantha Martinez


Fulfillment Coordinator - Betsy Armstrong
Retail Manager - Chad Borseth
Retail Associate - Nancy Reid
Retail Associate - Laura Neff
Retail Associate - Melissa Barrow

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