Native American Free Seed

Native American Free Seed Program

Native Seeds/SEARCH offers free membership and limited quantities of free seeds from our collection to Native peoples living in the Greater Southwest region.

Please note that our Free Seed policy has recently changed. Read below for details.

When Ordering Seeds

A Native American does not have to be a Native Seeds/SEARCH member to receive free seeds. Please check our online store or downloadable catalog to help with your seed selection. Please, only one order form per household. Call us if you need assistance or to place your order: 520-622-0830 x113. Shipping charges must be paid on all orders.

For Native Americans living in the Greater Southwest region or belonging to tribes within the Southwest Region

In order to meet higher demand for seeds by Native American families and requests for bulk seed orders, Native Seeds/SEARCH provides 10 free seed packets (no more than 3 seed packets per any one seed variety) in a calendar year (January through December), to individuals or families who are new recipients. Additional seed packets can be purchased at half price. Group exceptions may be considered. Please contact us and we will do our best to meet your needs.

In an effort to improve the in situ conservation of these seeds and improve communication with our partners, Native Seeds/SEARCH is requesting that answers to the following questions be included with all free seed requests (you may respond to these questions in an attachment to your order form): Where are the seeds to be planted? Will you save your own seeds? Will you share these seeds? Repeat recipients are eligible for more than 10 free seed packets if a report on the outcome of their previous free seed is provided. Tell us a story about your seeds!

For Native Americans living outside of the Greater Southwest region

Half-price seed on up to 10 regular-priced packets in a calendar year (January through December); additional packets may be purchased at regular price.

Community Seed Grant

Native American communities or organizations may also request seed donations through our Community Seed Grant program.