• Mountain Meadow Wildflower Mix

Mountain Meadow Wildflower Mix


Seeds will do best if planted either in the late Fall prior to Winter snowfalls, or from snowmelt until about July 4th. Some species will germinate following Spring warming, but the onset of summer season rains is the time for the biggest flush of growth and flowers. This mix will perform well in the mountain areas of New Mexico and Albuquerque.

Arizona High Country Natives include the following varieties: adobe blanketflower, aspen fleabane, bigelow's aster, indian paintbrush, skyrocket, blue flax, wright's lotus, fringed sage, fragrant lupine, orcutt lupine, lambert's locoweed, mintleaf beebalm, scarlet bugler, palmer penstemon, "mingus," wandbloom penstemon, rocky mountain penstemon, goldenrod, gooseberryleaf globemallow, prairie coneflower, showy goldeneye, yellow evening primrose, wild cosmos.

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