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Rio Sonora

  • DC007
  • Capsicum annuum.  The original seed was wild-harvested near Babiacora, Sonora, Mexico on the Rio Sonora at about 2000 ft elevation. Small round bright red and HOT fruits.  Germination of chiltepins can be difficult.  We've had good success with this variety and others using our recommended method.  From our Seed Bank Collection.

    • Approx. 0.1g/25 seeds per packet.
    • Can live as perennials in the low desert.  If well mulched, they can grow back from the roots if frost damages the plant.
    • Limit 3 packets
  • $5.95

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Rio Sonora didn't germinate

This was my first order from this company and shipping was very speedy.
A slight bummer since the Rio Sonora chiltepin seeds never germinated, despite waiting more than 3-4 weeks, and seed prices here are more on the expensive side. I'll try the several seeds that I have remaining in the packet, or I may purchase and try the other chiltepin variety that is sold.


I had read the chiltepin are hard to germinate, but I got over 50% germination, which is good for peppers.
Watched a great video from someone in Tucson. Her advice worked like a charm. Press on top of the soil, keep soil and seeds moist and covered in a clear plastic lidded container so they don’t dry out. Put them on an heat mat, give them fresh air once a day, and wait 3 weeks or so. But, obviously the seeds were high quality, or none of this works.

Justin Rich
Zero germination.

This unfortunately was the only cultivar and packet of seeds that have refused to sprout. Gave them 2 months in different temperatures. Couldn't get a single viable seed. The rest of the seeds I have received were full vigor but no luck on this one for me.

Pat Byrne
No germination

I planted the Rio Sonora chiltepin in a greenhouse after taking a small chip out of the seed coat. Still no emergence after 5 weeks. I did get a few plants from two chiltepins planted on the same day; one was your Sonora variety and the other from the Chili Pepper Institute. I will try again with Rio Sonora, perhaps following CPI's suggestion of soaking seed for a few minutes in a dilute vinegar solution.

Deborah Raynes
Rio Sonora doesn’t germinate

I bought Poblano, Sonoran and Rio Sonora seeds. I planted them at the same time in the same warm conditions. Rio Sonora did not germinate. It has been 3 weeks so I will leave them in the warm container for another week but I have little hope that they will germinate.