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Fall Plant Fair 10/21/20-10/27/20 (2pm)

The Fall Plant Fair is online only 10/21-10/27 (2pm).

Please read carefully before ordering:

  • These plants are available for PICK UP ONLY at the Conservation Center 3584 E River Rd, Tucson, AZ.
  • Please choose the "Pick-Up" delivery option at checkout. 
  • We'll contact you to schedule a pick-up time and date after the Plant Fair is over between Friday 10/30 and Tuesday 11/3.
  • Plant orders cannot be shipped. If you add them to your cart and choose a delivery option other than "Pick-Up" the order will be cancelled and you will be refunded.

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    Wildflowers, Landscape Plants & Trees:
    1 Gallon Containers:
    Bee Brush - Aloysia wrightii
    Flame Honeysuckle - Anisicanthus quadrifidus
    Arizona Desert Milkweed - Asclepias angustifolia
    Pineleaf Milkweed - Asclepias linaria
    Desert Milkweed - Asclepias subulata
    Sideoats Grama - Bouteloua curtipendula
    Deergrass - Muhlenbergia rigens
    Showy Primrose - Oenothera speciosa
    Giant Sacaton Grass - Sporobolus wrightii
    Slim tridens grass - Tridens mutica
    Blue Grama - Bouteloua gracilis
    Butterfly Bush - Buddleia marrubifolia
    Pink Fairyduster - Calliandra eriophylla
    Mexican Bird of Paradise - Caesilpinia mexicana
    Chiltepine - Capsicum annum
    Desert Hackberry - Celtis Pallida
    Damianita - Chrysactinia mexicana
    Gregg's Mist Flower - Conoclinium gregii
    Blue/Silver Dalea - Dalea bicolor
    Hopbush - Dodoneae viscosa
    Brittlebush - Encelia farinosa
    Desert Fuschia - Epilobium canum
    Chuparosa - Justicia californica
    Red Hummingbird Bush - Justicia candicans
    Mexican Honeysuckle - Justicia spicigera
    Creosote Bush - Larrea tridentata
    Texas Ranger 'Heavenly Cloud' - Leucophyllum frutescens
    Fremont's Wolfberry - Lycium fremontii
    Santa Cruz Aster - Machaeranthera tephroides
    Snapdragon Vine - Maurandya antirrhinifolia
    Blackfoot Daisy - Melampodium leucantheum
    Bull Grass - Muhlenbergia emersleyi
    Tufted Evening Primrose - Oenothera caespitosa
    Dusty Penstemon - Penstemon commarhensis
    Firecracker Penstemon - Penstemon eatoni
    Parry's Penstemon - Penstemon parryi
    Santa Rita Sage - Salvia microphylla
    Goldenrod - Solidago missourienses
    Yellow Bells - Tecoma stans
    Rain Lily 'Prairie Sunset' - Zephranthes sp

    5 Gallon Containers:
    Arizona Ash
    Velvet Mesquite
    Desert Willow
    Improved Brown Turkey Fig 
    Mountain Yucca 
    Bear Grass 

    Veggie & Herb Starts
    Cabbage - Copenhagen Market 
    Cabbage - Premium Late Flat Dutch
    Cauliflower - Snow Ball
    Celery - Pascal Giant
    Mustard Green - Giant Japanese Red
    Swiss Chard - Bright Lights
    Swiss Chard - Ruby Chard
    Kale - Nero Tuscano

    Kale - Red Russian

    NSS Collection Varieties:

    Orach - Vadito Quelites Grandes
    Acelgas (Swiss Chard) - Magdalena

    Onions & Herbs:
    Chives - Garlic
    Chives - Onion
    Cilantro - Slo-Bolt
    Fennel - Fino
    Onion - I'itoi
    Thyme - English
    Leeks - Gigante de Inverno
    Leeks - King Richard
    Specialty Plants:
    Ocotillo - 1 gallon
    Ocotillo - 5 gallon
    Astrophytum - 2"
    Hesperaloe funifera - 1 gallon
    Agave bracteosa - 2 gallon
    Hesperaloe nocturna - 1 gallon
    Hesperaloe campanulata - 1 gallon
    Fouquieria macdougalii - 2 gallon
    Ferocactus - 2"

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