• Low Desert New Gardener Collection - WARM

Low Desert New Gardener Collection - WARM



Whether you are new to gardening, new to the low desert, or both, this collection is your head start.  It will give you the best chance of success and pleasure in the garden in the warm season (planting in late February through August). The collection includes:

  • 5 specially chosen varieties that are easy to grow, well adapted to the low desert and will improve your garden soil
  • Expert advice on how, where, and when to plant
  • Additional information about each plant variety and suggestions for using the produce in your kitchen

Varieties included are Hopi Red Dye Amaranth, Mrs. Burns' Famous Lemon Basil, O'odham Pink Bean, Tohono O'odham Cowpea, and Gila River Sorghum. Packaged in a re-sealable foil packet to reuse for seed storage

Give yourself (or someone else) the best chance of success in the garden!

  • $15.95