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Rock Corral Canyon

  • DC026
  • Capsicum annuum. This chiltepin is from a canyon near Tumacacori, AZ in what is now the Wild Chile Reserve, in the northern most part of this chile's wild habitat. The original seed collection came from an 8' plant growing in a sheltered area. Its fruits are small-pea sized and are extremely hot, comparable to the habanero. It has a green chile and black peppercorn flavor with bitter notes. It has a sharp and fierce heat that gradually intensifies. From our Seed-Bank Collection.

    • Origin: low desert, 3260' elevation
    • Approx. 0.1g/25 seeds per packet.
    • Limit 3 packets
  • $5.95

Customer Reviews

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Anthony Herrera
Native Seeds Program

So thankful for the program to provide seeds from other natives in the southwest region. Always easy working with Ntive Seeds. Thanks again.

Brock Vigus

Rock Corral Canyon

jack Toohey
Germination failure of Rock Corral Canyon Chiltepins

The seeds had a 100% failure rate. I followed the instructions and I have grown Chiltepins before.

We're sorry your Chiltepin seeds haven't germinated yet. These wild seeds can be very picky about when and where to germinate, as they are looking for the right soil type, temperature, moisture level, and so on. Don't give up hope ... they may pop up later on. Here's some info about how and when to plant for best luck.

Start your seeds 8 – 10 weeks before danger of frost is past (or before you intend to plant them outside).

Domesticated chiles can easily take two or more weeks to germinate. Wild chiltepines take even longer … it is not unusual for chiltepins to take 3 - 4 weeks or more to germinate. Scarification of chiltepin seeds can aid in germination: gently rub seeds on a light sandpaper, or soak for a few hours in a ¼ cup of water with a drop of vinegar. However, we have found that scarification is unnecessary if adequate warmth and time are provided.

Hope this information helps! You can also contact us via email at