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Basic Collection Information and Status
Lentil (Lens esculenta, Fabaceae)
Cultural Affiliation   n/a
Collection Site   New Mexico, United States (latitude: 36°; altitude: 8,000 ft / 2,400 m)
Collection Year   1991
Accession Status   Active
Catalog Information and Instructions
Vadito LentilLE003
Flat, tan to brown seeds. Collected from a couple who were growing them in Vadito, NM at about 8000 feet elevation, so they are relatively short season plants.
Current availability of this variety is summarized below. We encourage the use of these seeds to benefit humanity and strive to facilitate access through a number of channels.
        Seeds of this variety are not currently available for distribution. If you are interested in this accession for research, seed increase, or repatriation purposes, please contact us.
Collection Site
The circle in the map below shows the area where this accession was collected (why isn't the precise locality shown
?Precise collection localities are hidden in order to protect the privacy of the original donors of the seeds in the NS/S collection.
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The Native Seeds/SEARCH digital photo collection for this accession is provided below.
W01-003 CF04 S1W01-003 CF04 S2W01-003 CF12 L1W01-003 CF12 PL1W01-003 CF12 PL2W01-003 CF04 FlW01-003 CF04 LW01-003 CF04 P1W01-003 CF04 P2W01-003 CF12 PL3
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Characterization and Evaluation
There are currently no observational data available for this accession. If you have made observations of this accession and are willing to share them, please contact us.
Lentil IntroductionCultivation InstructionsSeed Saving Instructions
A Spanish introduction, especially good in soups. As a legume, lentils help fix nitrogen in the soil so they are good for garden fertility.In late fall or early spring (February in low desert), plant seeds 1/2" deep and thin to 4 -5" apart. Plants are winter hardy and are not damaged by light frosts. Low trellis is helpful. Ensure you have adequate levels of phosphorus and potassium to help increase production.An annual, mainly self pollinated. Small pods contain 1 or 2 seeds each. Harvest entire plant, thresh and winnow.
If you have questions or feedback about this accession or the ADAPTS platform in general, please contact us.

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