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NS/S established Arizona’s first seed lending library within the NS/S Retail Store in early 2012. This open-source community seed exchange is designed to facilitate the free distribution of locally adapted seeds and increase regional seed sovereignty.

Seed libraries are an exciting new trend in the local food and seed movement where users can freely check out seeds, just like with books at a public library. After planting the seeds and enjoying the fruits of your labor, just leave a plant or two in the ground to go to seed. The resulting seed can then be harvested and returned, helping the library to grow abundant with seeds that are increasingly adapted to local conditions.

Since its much-heralded opening, the NS/S Seed Library has grown to become an important resource for Tucson’s seed savers and gardeners. The library receives regular daily visitors and is steadily expanding with exciting new additions all the time. Like the seeds it contains, we intend for the NS/S Seed Library to adapt over time to meet the needs of our local growers. Come pay a visit to our retail store and see what delightful, locally-adapted varieties await you in the drawers of your very own community seed collection!

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Read about the growing seed library movement in this article by NS/S staff.

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