Our 2012 Seedlisting is Now Available!

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If you’ve seen one seed catalog, you’ve seen them all… right? Well, allow us to break the mold. The new 2012 Seedlisting from Native Seeds/SEARCH is brimming with groundbreaking, eye-popping surprises. It is now available for download and will be hitting mailboxes shortly. Take a look!

A Bounty of Uncommon Beauty

From the vibrant purple-silk Hopi Sweet Corn to a rainbow of delectable tepary beans, the heirloom varieties we offer are the jewels of any garden. Mouths water at the sight of our panoply of native chile peppers, with spices and flavors to suit any palate. And jaded gardeners need look no further for inspiration than our Hopi Short Staple Cotton, Paiute Devil’s Claw, or Teosinte, the ancient progenitor of modern corn. You won’t find seeds like these from “the other guys!”

Extra, Extra — Seed All About It!

Thumbing through the lush, full-color pages of the Native Seeds/SEARCH Seedlisting is like dancing through the fields of our ancestors. Gathered from indigenous tribes and kept alive through our nonprofit conservation organization and seed bank, these rare and coveted seed offerings are available nowhere else.

But wait, there’s more—as if our bonanza of heirloom beauties wasn’t enough! This year’s seedlisting introduces Tucson Seed, a new line of desert-hardy varieties of common garden vegetables. Now you can grow Native Seeds/SEARCH carrots alongside your chiltepines, or sow arugula with your amaranth—all selected for their performance in arid conditions.

Happy growing!

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