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Courses and Workshops at Native Seeds/SEARCH

Seeds, especially of food and other useful plants, should be taken care of by the people. They are too precious for all of them to be placed under the exclusive control of the few. The more hands that hold them, the safer they will be.

-M. and J. Fanton, The Seed Savers’ Handbook

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Our Teaching Philosophy

At Native Seeds/SEARCH, we believe that access to a diversity of high-quality, ethically produced seeds is the basis of sustainable and nourishing food systems. The incredible diversity in our crop varieties is the legacy of thousands of years of collective human innovation, and we are engaged in its conservation as a public good and a community-based effort. Seed security harnesses the power of diversity at all levels—it integrates the efforts of institutions like ours but also individual gardeners, farmers, community-based seed banks and exchanges.

Our educational programming fosters participation in conservation by training individuals and organizations in the Southwest to save, share, and produce their own seeds. We provide training for Native American farmers and gardeners, Spanish-speaking communities, K-12 educators and students, small farmers, and backyard gardeners.

We offer focused courses for students at different learning levels and seed saving goals. To learn more about programs, contact us at



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