Indigenous Arts Show

The Native Seeds/SEARCH Retail Store is hosting a five day Indigenous Arts Show featuring pottery, basketry, carvings and jewelry created by Native Artists from the Southwest region.

Each day will feature different artists from 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM (Nov. 23rd through Nov 27th). See details below and view gallery for a sneak peek.


11/23: Mata Ortiz Pottery Show: Featuring the work of master artist Oralia Lopez Guillen, and other Mata Ortiz artists. Oralia will demonstrate the intricate technique used to paint Mata Ortiz pottery. Mata Ortiz pottery is internationally known for its elegant forms, precision designs and beautiful colors.  

11/24: Tohono O’odham Basketry Show and Demo: Peruse the beautiful basketry of Fred & Della Cruz as they share the rich history of this Tohono O’odham art form. A wide variety of Tohono O’odham baskets representing additional weavers will also be available for sale.  Elena Mendez will also be present and demonstrating the technique used to weave her miniature horsehair baskets.

11/25: Howard Sice Jewelry Show: Howard is an award-winning Laguna Pueblo jeweler. Raised in the village of Paraje, he also spent time with Hopi relatives, therefore his work reflects aspects of both cultures. He is known for his highly detailed engraving work in silver and gold.

His daughter Adrienne will also be joining us with a collection of her sterling silver Byzantine weave necklaces, bracelets and chain earrings.

11/26: Hopi Collection: Featuring Earl Dino Patterson Jr. (Sunaweuma) who is Hopi and Navajo from Hotevilla (Third Mesa) in northeastern Arizona from the Hopi reservation.  His clan is Roadrunner and Greasewood from the Hopi tribe.  He was taught to carve Hopi Katsina dolls by his brother and brother-in-law.  Dino has been carving for over 20 years. 

Richard Bazurto will also be joining us with his Hohokam inspired small pots.

11/27: Tarahumara Basketry and Folk Art: This show will feature the work of multiple artists. The Tarahumara inhabit The Copper Canyon region of Chihuahua Mexico, a vast network of canyons that rival the United States' Grand Canyon in size. A large assortment of pine needle and sotol baskets, pine bark carvings and dolls, and hand carved wooden goods will be available for purchase. 

11/23 - 11/27: A special selection of Navajo and Zuni jewelry will also be available throughout the week-long show

 *Indigenous Arts Show items do not qualify for discounts