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Jonathan Ortiz, Fulfilment & Pop-up Sales Supervisor

Jonathan has an extensive background in Fulfillment, Wholesale, and E-commerce operations, having worked as a Coffee Operations Manager for 5 years in his previous role. He also worked as the green coffee buyer, where he was able to build lasting relationships with coffee farmers and traders, which continue to this day. He is also an illustrator and graphic designer, owning his own freelance company "Con Safos", a creative design firm focused on creating intentional art while also honoring his roots. 
Jonathan's connection to seed conservation and agriculture is tied to his Mexican background and his upbringing in Salinas, Ca. His parents, aunts, and uncles all worked as farm workers at different points in their lives, and through this, he gained a deep appreciation for the hard work that is done at the farm level. His family in Mexico also practiced the Milpa model of growing food, where native varieties of corn, squash, beans, and root vegetables are all grown together. This practice, among many others, are deeply connected to his family's indigenous ancestry.