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Mata Ortiz Pottery Show

Mata Ortiz Pottery Show
Location: NS/S Conservation Center
Address: 3584 E River Rd
Date: Saturday, October 23, 2021
Time: 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Select pieces will be available online: 10/23/21 - 10/31/21 ( 




Meet master artist Oralia Lopez Guillen at the Native Seeds/SEARCH Conservation Center for a one-day only Mata Ortiz pottery show.

Since the age of 14 Oralia has been creating museum quality work and has set the standard for the intricate brushwork found in Mata Ortiz pottery. Not only does she create her own pottery, she represents an additional 80 Mata Ortiz artists, who will be represented at the show.

Each piece of Mata Ortiz pottery is hand coiled, etched or carved, and painted by local artisans in the village of Casas Grandes in Chihuahua, Mexico. Many designs are painted with a fine paintbrush made from a single strand of hair. A variety of designs are represented, including traditional geometric patterns, and contemporary motifs reflecting the natural world of plants, pollinators and wildlife.


Proceeds from the show help support Mata Ortiz artisans and also benefit the NS/S nonprofit mission.