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Sterling Johnson, Community Seed Programs Coordinator

Sterling Johnson was born and raised on the reservation, and is a proud member of the Tohono O’odham Nation. A keeper of traditional knowledge and practices, he helped resurrect Tohono O’odham Ak-chin Oidag (Mouth of the Wash Farming), an agriculture practice used by the O’odham to irrigate their fields, also known as dryland farming. As a farm apprentice, he learned about traditional ak-chin oidag
using what nature gives you to grow out traditional tepary beans, corn and squash.
Sterling was the Farm Manager and then Co-director for Ajo Center for Sustainable Agriculture (Ajo CSA), where helped teach the next generation of O’odham Farmers traditional ak-chin oidag and modern agriculture. He also helped create the O’odham Farmer’s Market, which provides access to farm fresh produce and desert adapted seeds for the people to plant at home or in their communities.
He still continues to further his knowledge on ak-chin farming by continuing to expand his farm and exploring different techniques that will help grow traditional arid desert adapted crops. He also is a member of the Chukut Kuk Council as a community representative of Wecij Oidag. Sterling was a recipient of the NDN Changemaker Fellowship 2023/2024, Cohort. A drive to continue learning and
expanding his knowledge on arid desert adapted seeds, to help create a sustainable future for all.