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Codex Taawa: Exploring The Cosmos Of The Hopi

  • TC007
  • By Gerald Dawavendewa, a highly acclaimed Hopi-Cherokee painter, sculptor, designer, author and visionary, whose work transcends translation.

    Codex: A rare and valuable book in manuscript form.

    Codex Taawa: A glorious trip through the cosmos from the Hopi point of view.

    From the First World to the Fourth World to the Star House and beyond... Explore the beauty and the mystery of the universe, guided by a brilliant Native American artist.

    "This book is a series of illustrations inspired by
    ancient imagery that explores the cosmos of the Hopi
    people. Each piece highlights a part of the Hopi tradition,
    stories, or knowledge. The original artworks reproduced
    here were black and copper ink on handmade Nepalese
    Lhakpa paper and were inspired by the Codices of
    Mesoamericans. For the Hopi, the night sky is an
    astronomical calendar with all of its elements used to set
    ceremonies, rituals, seasons, events, and measures of time.
    The Hopi people have observed and measured the
    movements in the sky to create a complex guide to assist
    them with existing in this world, which they know as
    Tuuwaqatsi—the Fourth World."

    Beautifully illustrated by the author, hardcover copy.


    All Art by Gerald A.A. Dawavendewa>>

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Linda D
Interesting book

I liked the paintings and explanations.

Carsten Phillip
Cool Book!

I love the illustrations! Its a really unique book.

Anita Griesenauer

I love the color and usually I don't like black and white. But like the light and dark, whether day and night, 4th world, 5th world. Art work is great and although I don't totally understand the symbolism, I love the print. But unfortunately my son also loves it, so I am gifting it to him on the purchase of his new house.