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Lunar Tracker Calendar - 2023 Limited Edition

  • WY2023
  • By Weaver Younghands, Tucson artist.

    Lunar Tracker Calendar with seasonal Sonoran Desert ecology illustrations. 

    The Tracker begins near the Winter Solstice and spans the next 13 moon cycles, from December 24, 2022 to January 11, 2024.The "months" are laid out by moon cycles rather than by the months of the Gregorian calendar system, to relate to time in a more earth-oriented way.

    This Tracker depicts Sonoran Desert ecology throughout the seasons as another method of observing time. They are designed for users to record life aspects such as health, personal biorhythms, planting/gardening, fermenting, dreams, ecological observations, and travel, with the option to add color, notes and personal illustrations in the blank space. The opening page has explanation + suggestions for using the Tracker. Astrological progressions of the sun and moon are listed. Gregorian dates are written for reference.

    Printed locally in Tucson on recycled paper. Hand-stitched with assorted color binding, measures 4.5"x16". Limited number available.

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Customer Reviews

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Jeanie Shepherd
Too late!

I thought I would be in time, but I missed out...again! :-(

Martha Osborne
Really sold out?

Just opened the email @ 1pm on 1/28. I’m so disappointed that it’s already gone:(

Christy Porter
This just came through and now gone, again???

Please let people know when this beautiful piece is back in stock. Third time is the charm???

Cherry Masters

Please let us know when they are back in stock!!

Judith P.
Sold out again?

I just got the post that there are more a few minutes ago and there are no more???!!!