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  • TS580
  • Triticum dicoccum. An ancient, hulled wheat variety native to the Fertile Crescent in Western Asia.  Emmer is one of the oldest domesticated crops, though it was harvested as a wild grain for thousands of years before its domestication.

    When processed for food, emmer is often called farro.  It can be used as a whole grain/wheat berry or ground into flour for bread.

    A single packet of wheat seeds will plant a 3 ft x 3 ft with a dense stand of wheat.  Wider spacing is recommended for better productivity.

    Emmer grains will need to be dehulled after harvest before eating.  This can be a labor intensive process.  Not from our seed bank collection but your purchase supports our conservation mission.

    • Approx. 24g/700 seeds per packet.
    • Approx. 3300 seeds per 4 oz.
    • Limit 3 packets.

     photo credit: Wolfgang Sauber via Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License

  • $3.95
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