• Ga'ivsa: Cracked Roasted Pima Corn

Ga'ivsa: Cracked Roasted Pima Corn


Cracked Roasted Pima Corn. Monsoon "60-Day Corn" is harvested in the milk stage, husked, roasted over a mesquite fire, dried in the sun, then hand-shelled and ground. Perfect as a hot breakfast cereal or add cheese and chiles for a traditional Southwestern side dish. Ramona Farms is a Native American owned and operated company.

With a texture similar to rice and the subtly sweet flavor of roasted corn, Ga’ivsa can be eaten as porridge, used as a side dish or as a risotto topped with delectibles like sauteed onions, tomatoes and green chiles covered with ground beef, bison or antelope meat!

8 oz Bag