• Mayocoba Native Seed Beads Necklace

Mayocoba Native Seed Beads Necklace


Created by two of our favorite volunteers. "It all started while we were packing seeds for sale through the Native Seeds/SEARCH retail store. One of us said that the beans we were weighing were pretty enough to be beads on a necklace. We drilled our first bead that same day."

These multi-strand necklaces are an artistic interpretation that highlights our historic cultural connection to the foodways of the Southwestern United States. They offer the wearer an opportunity to connect with the biodiversity and beauty of the seeds developed in our aridlands over millennia by indigenous peoples and settlers.

Approx 22-26 inches with a strong magnetic clasp. Each unique necklace is a one of a kind 8 strand braided mixture, or single variety, of hand drilled heritage seeds, beans, and corn. Varieties may include: Anasazi, Four Corners Gold, Black Calypso, New Mexico Bolitas, Mayocoba, Hopi Yellow Lima, Tarahumara Purple, Rattlesnake, and Cocopah Brown to name just a few.

  • $150.00