• Heritage Seed Collection

Heritage Seed Collection


Sample some of the most popular seeds from the NS/S Seed Bank in this updated collection: a wide variety of flavors, forms, and traditions from crops grown for centuries by the diverse peoples of the Southwestern US and Northwest Mexico. Includes 9 packets. 

Selections include Mountain Pima Greens Amaranth, Ordono Chile, Hopi Black Bean, Tohono O'odham 60 Day Corn, Mayo Colima Cowpea, Santo Domingo Dipper Gourd, Tarahumara Pumpkin, Pauite Yellow Tepary Bean, Navajo Winter Watermelon.  Includes an educational insert on the seed diversity of the Greater Southwest.

Packaged in a resealable foil envelope perfect for long-term seed storage!

Substitutions may be necessary.

  • $29.95