• Southwest Cool Season Garden Collection

Southwest Cool Season Garden Collection


This updated collection includes 12 packets of hand-picked vegetable and herb varieties for cool season gardens of the Southwest. Varieties are also very adaptable to other regions.

Collection selections include Arugula, Waltham 29 Broccoli, Scarlet Nantes Carrot, Calypso Cilantro, Magdalena Acelgas (Chard), Red Russian Kale, Lettuce Mix, Kyona Mustard, Australian Brown Onion, Salt River Pima Pea, Chamisal Quelites Verdes (Orach), and Easter Egg Radish.   Harvest fresh greens, herbs and roots for your kitchen- far tastier and than those you'll find at the store! And fresher is healthier too! 

  • Planting information sheet included
  • Packaged in a resealable foil packet, perfect for long-term seed storage.

*Substitutions may be necessary.

  • $38.95