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Yuman Yellow

  • ZS112
  • Zea mays.  From an extensive collection made in the late 1800's by an early prospector in western Arizona.  Originally grown by the Yuman (Quechan) Indians along the lower Colorado River. Yellow kernels on small ears.  Delicious roasted - a staff favorite!  Also makes a great green corn tamale.  The short plants mean it is relatively fast maturing.  From our Seed Bank Collection.

    • Origin: low desert
    • Short plants, under 4 feet
    • Cobs average 6" in length
    • Approx. 9g/50 seeds per packet.
    These seeds are part of our conservation program and are not available for purchase. They are only available through Native American Seed Request
  • $5.95

Customer Reviews

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Daisy Ocampo

Yuman Yellow

Good production

Planted this spring 2020. A few issues in germination but just planted the skips. Grew well and gave a good crop. Just at milk stage thunderstorms blew most down. Some recovered most did not. It hurt the ultimate harvest some. Some we ate at milk stage very good. Rest saved for seed and for posole. As of this writing have not nixtamaled the left over seed. Will plant again as I have much more seed to work with

Jean S.
3 Sisters in a huge pot?!

Well this is my first season gardening in AZ, so I'm experimenting a bit. But I planted some of these in my big Earthboxes, I'm planning on calling it a "3-pot 3-Sisters" garden. Experimenting with this one quite a bit... might be too high elevation here for this variety but I liked that the height is not too tall. I have the 3 pots clustered together as sort of a modified Iraquois type planting plan... I have a small block of corn planted on one side of the containers where I'll be putting my beans near, then the squash at the other side where it can trail a bit. So far I've got multiple plants that have come up, some now at 1 foot high due to the recent heat wave. I have some of the beans and squash up already as well. I am experimenting with bean types, the Rattlesnake beans are doing best to date.... with 4 types of summer squash. I'll update a review at the end of harvest season.