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NS/S increases efforts to get seeds into Native communities

Tucson based non-profit Native Seeds/SEARCH increases efforts to get seeds into Native communities in time for monsoon planting.

The Covid-19 crisis has confined many people to their homes, and many are confronted with empty grocery store shelves. It has kept others from accessing stores altogether, especially in rural and Native communities.

These factors have fueled a huge rise in efforts to grow food at home. To meet this need, Tucson based non-profit Native Seeds-SEARCH (NS/S) is increasing its efforts to get traditional seeds into Native communities through its Native American Seed Request (NASR) program. The NS/S collection includes seeds from Southwestern tribes such as traditional corn, beans, squash, melons, chiles, amaranth, herbs, and more.

The NASR program is open to Native American individuals and families living in the greater Southwest Region, or belonging to tribes from the Southwest Region, regardless of location. Each household may access Ten free packets per year, and discounted rates apply for additional seed packets. Native Seeds is also looking for partner growers to help build up varieties that are in low supply.

The NS/S Retail Store is closed, but seed listings and applications are available at in the Programs section. People can apply online, or print and mail in their requests. For those without internet access they can request a catalog by calling (520) 622-0830 xt. 113