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In the low desert, these varieties do best if planted between September and January.  At higher elevations they can be planted in spring.

Wildflowers are best planted in October and November in the low desert, so they can establish their roots in the cool season and be ready to bloom in spring.

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  1. Italian heirloom beet seeds. The beets have beautiful red and white concentric circles when slice open. Good for roasting or pickling.
  2. detroit red heirloom beets
  3. Broccoli Raab
  4. waltham broccoli
  5. dragon purple carrots
  6. scarlet nantes carrots heirloom
  7. bloomsdale spinach good southwest winter crops
  8. Slo-Bolt Cilantro
  9. Chives
  10. True Greek Oregano
  11. German Thyme
  12. Italian Parsley
  13. Black-Seeded Simpson Looseleaf