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These crops like warm weather and can thrive, even in low desert heat, with attention to planting times and with proper care.

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  1. Okite
  2. New Mexico
  3. Cunti Muni de los Yaquis
  4. Rarámuri Canario
  5. Rio Bavispe
  6. Pinacate
  7. S'oam Pawi - Menager's Dam
  8. southern chihuahua chile pepper
  9. NuMex Heritage 6-4 Anaheim
  10. glass gem corn
  11. Ki:kam Hu:n
  12. Onaveño
  13. Reventador
  14. Caje Muni
  15. U'us mu:ñ
  16. Armenian Yard Long
  17. Beit Alpha Cucumber
  18. Atlixco Quelite
  19. DiMeglio Arugula is both heat and cold tolerant in the low desert, so you can grow it year round.  Bright, sharp arugula flavor.
  20. Golden Purslane
  21. Molokhia
  22. Red Malabar Spinach
  23. Mrs Burns' Famous Lemon Basil
  24. Corrales Azafrán