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Seed Programs

Community Seed Grants

NS/S is pleased to offer small donations of our seeds to eligible organizations in the Greater Southwest region. The grants are designed to support the work of educators and those working to enhance the lives of underprivileged groups in the region, while simultaneously keeping locally-adapted crop varieties alive and in active use in farms and gardens.

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Native American Seed Request

Native Seeds/SEARCH provides a limited number of seed packets at no or reduced cost to Native American individuals living in the Greater Southwest region or belonging to tribes within the Southwest region. The goal of this program is to ensure that indigenous persons have access to their traditional varieties of seeds.

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Partner Farmer Program

Recipients of bulk seed will be asked to save and return half of their seed harvest (or 1/4 for Native farmers) to NS/S at the end of the season (provided they have had a successful harvest). The remaining seed is left for the participants to plant in the future. At the grower's request, returned seed will be put towards future Native American Bulk Seed Exchange Requests.

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NS/S is introducing a formal process for rematriation to support seed sovereignty in communities that originated the seeds in the collection. NS/S defines rematriation as the return of seed to a person or tribe with a direct relationship to those seeds.

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Seed Donations

NS/S invites organizations in the Southwest focused on improving seed security, seed distribution, seed saving, and seed access within their own communities, to apply for a seed donation.

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