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  • It used to be that families stewarded their own seeds, saving and selecting from year to year.  If you have rural roots, you probably wouldn’t have to go back more than a few generations to find this practice in your own family. But things have changed.  Since the 1950’s the seed trade has become... View Post
  • | Alexandra Zamecnik

    Farewell to an NS/S Leader and Friend

    We would like to honor Angelo Joaquin Jr., a friend of Native Seeds/SEARCH (NS/S), who passed away earlier this year. Angelo, of the Coyote Clan of the Tohono O’odham Nation, became a board member in 1990, and part of the staff as the Native American Outreach Coordinator and Diabetes Project Dir... View Post
  • | Lissa Marinaro

    Remembering Laura Kerman

    by Karen Reichhardt Native Seeds/SEARCH (NS/S) is honored to celebrate the life of an extraordinary woman and seedkeeper during this year’s Women’s History Month. Laura Kerman (1895-1999), a Tohono O’odham woman from Topawa, Arizona, is recognized as an influential resource and inspiration durin... View Post
  • | Joel Johnson

    Winter Garden Update

    by Joel Johnson, Seed Production Technician After several weeks in the upper 70s, a late January snow on the Santa Catalinas reminded us that we really did have a winter! Now we’re back to blue skies and spring sprouts. Lots of changes are taking place in the Conservation Center grow-out gardens—... View Post
  • | Joel Johnson

    Adopt a Crop End-of-Summer Update

    The thermometer is still dancing between 99 and 100 as I write in mid-October, but I’m branding this our “end of summer” update in hopes that maybe wishing will make it so.   Those of you Sonoran Desert dwellers know that calling this summer a challenging growing season is an understatement. Nat... View Post
  • | Sheryl Joy

    Unpredictable Monsoons Affect Planting Times

    by Sheryl Joy, Collections Curator In the Greater Southwest, El Dia de San Juan (June 24) has long been celebrated as the time of the coming of the summer rains.  A time to celebrate the end of the dry-heat, to rejoice in the crack of lightning, the crash of thunder and the rush of rain that mean... View Post
  • | Sheryl Joy

    Will This Seed Grow Where I live?

    It's seed-catalog browsing season, that time when many gardeners around the country find a cozy spot to do their garden dreaming and planning. This season our NS/S staff often hear this question: Will this variety grow well in my garden in ________?  Fill in the blank with any town from Wenatchee... View Post
  • | Laura Neff

    Students Experience Wheat from Seed to Plate

    By Laura Neff, Education Coordinator At Native Seeds/SEARCH we are always excited to hear stories involving the arid-adapted crop seeds that were obtained either by sale, or through one of our many seed access programs. In September, Mike Warner, a teacher from Tempe High School in Tempe, Arizon... View Post