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  • | Sheryl Joy

    A Tomato's Story Revealed

    When Chef Molly Beverly partnered with us to grow Prescott Heirloom Tomatoes last summer, she also became this tomato’s newest advocate and researcher. And in doing so, she brought us an entirely new understanding of this regional treasure... View Post
  • | Lissa Marinaro

    Seed Policy Update 2021

    Skeg taṣ, The past year has been one of many trials and tribulations. We collectively have lost family, friends and co-workers, from the youth to the elders of our communities. Storefronts have closed and access to things we take for granted has been limited. Our water supply is also a growing c... View Post
  • It was the beauty of the seeds, she always says, that sparked her resolve to safeguard the living heritage of the Southwest. Mahina Drees has been at the root of NS/S since 1983 when she co-founded the organization with Barney Burns, Karen Reichhardt and Gary Nabhan. During this time she served ... View Post
  • | Joel Johnson

    Adopt-A-Crop Update 2021

    Thank you to everyone who donated to the 2021 Adopt-A-Crop fundraiser. Here's an update on how all of the crops are doing! Atlixco Quelite: The durability of this lamb’s quarters relative has been incredible to watch. Before July brought long-awaited rain to the Sonoran Desert, the crops in ... View Post
  • It used to be that families stewarded their own seeds, saving and selecting from year to year.  If you have rural roots, you probably wouldn’t have to go back more than a few generations to find this practice in your own family. But things have changed.  Since the 1950’s the seed trade has become... View Post
  • | Alexandra Zamecnik

    Farewell to an NS/S Leader and Friend

    We would like to honor Angelo Joaquin Jr., a friend of Native Seeds/SEARCH (NS/S), who passed away earlier this year. Angelo, of the Coyote Clan of the Tohono O’odham Nation, became a board member in 1990, and part of the staff as the Native American Outreach Coordinator and Diabetes Project Dir... View Post
  • | Lissa Marinaro

    Remembering Laura Kerman

    by Karen Reichhardt Native Seeds/SEARCH (NS/S) is honored to celebrate the life of an extraordinary woman and seedkeeper during this year’s Women’s History Month. Laura Kerman (1895-1999), a Tohono O’odham woman from Topawa, Arizona, is recognized as an influential resource and inspiration durin... View Post
  • | Joel Johnson

    Winter Garden Update

    by Joel Johnson, Seed Production Technician After several weeks in the upper 70s, a late January snow on the Santa Catalinas reminded us that we really did have a winter! Now we’re back to blue skies and spring sprouts. Lots of changes are taking place in the Conservation Center grow-out gardens—... View Post