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  • | Lissa Marinaro

    Seed Policy Update 2021

    Skeg taṣ, The past year has been one of many trials and tribulations. We collectively have lost family, friends and co-workers, from the youth to the elders of our communities. Storefronts have closed and access to things we take for granted has been limited. Our water supply is also a growing c... View Post
  • It was the beauty of the seeds, she always says, that sparked her resolve to safeguard the living heritage of the Southwest. Mahina Drees has been at the root of NS/S since 1983 when she co-founded the organization with Barney Burns, Karen Reichhardt and Gary Nabhan. During this time she served ... View Post
  • | Joel Johnson

    Adopt-A-Crop Update 2021

    Thank you to everyone who donated to the 2021 Adop-A-Crop fundraiser. Here's an update on how all of the crops are doing! Atlixco Quelite: The durability of this lamb’s quarters relative has been incredible to watch. Before July brought long-awaited rain to the Sonoran Desert, the crops in t... View Post
  • It used to be that families stewarded their own seeds, saving and selecting from year to year.  If you have rural roots, you probably wouldn’t have to go back more than a few generations to find this practice in your own family. But things have changed.  Since the 1950’s the seed trade has become... View Post
  • | Alexandra Zamecnik

    Farewell to an NS/S Leader and Friend

    We would like to honor Angelo Joaquin Jr., a friend of Native Seeds/SEARCH (NS/S), who passed away earlier this year. Angelo, of the Coyote Clan of the Tohono O’odham Nation, became a board member in 1990, and part of the staff as the Native American Outreach Coordinator and Diabetes Project Dir... View Post
  • | Lissa Marinaro

    Remembering Laura Kerman

    by Karen Reichhardt Native Seeds/SEARCH (NS/S) is honored to celebrate the life of an extraordinary woman and seedkeeper during this year’s Women’s History Month. Laura Kerman (1895-1999), a Tohono O’odham woman from Topawa, Arizona, is recognized as an influential resource and inspiration durin... View Post
  • | Joel Johnson

    Winter Garden Update

    by Joel Johnson, Seed Production Technician After several weeks in the upper 70s, a late January snow on the Santa Catalinas reminded us that we really did have a winter! Now we’re back to blue skies and spring sprouts. Lots of changes are taking place in the Conservation Center grow-out gardens—... View Post
  • | Joel Johnson

    Adopt a Crop End-of-Summer Update

    The thermometer is still dancing between 99 and 100 as I write in mid-October, but I’m branding this our “end of summer” update in hopes that maybe wishing will make it so.   Those of you Sonoran Desert dwellers know that calling this summer a challenging growing season is an understatement. Nat... View Post