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Please do not order more than 3 packets of any one variety, and no more than 40 packets total.

Most desert wildflowers are planted in fall/winter in the desert, early spring in cooler climates. Planting instructions are included on the packets of these lovely native Southwestern desert wildflowers.  Most varieties come in two sizes. The small size is 1-1.5 g and covers approximately 30 square feet. The large size is 0.5 oz and covers 100-200 square feet depending upon the size of the seed.

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  1. Arizona High Country Native Grass Mix (1 LB)
  2. An annual wildflower with blooms ranging from blue to purple in the spring.  It is the largest of the annual lupines, 1-2 ft tall increasing with good moisture and fertility.  A native to western California, Arizona and Baja California in areas below 2000 ft in elevation.  Prefers moist clay or heavy soils in full sun.
  3. Backyard Full of Butterflies
  4. wildflower seeds for birds and butterflies
  5. Blue Flax
  6. Brittlebush
  7. Butterfly garden mix is great for attracting pollinators to your yard and vegetable garden area.
  8. Globemallow "Colors"
  9. Common Sunflower
  10. desert wildflower seeds
  11. Desert Colors Wildflower Mix
  12. A perennial shrub native to the Sonoran Desert.  Blooms March through April and the nectar is a great source for honey bees.  The plants are 2-4 ft tall and are equally wide. The abundant flowers are apricot to orange.  Plant in fall to early spring.  Prefers soil with good drainage.  Elevation 0 - 5000ft
  13. Desert Lupine
  14. Desert Senna
  15. Happy Hummingbirds