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Zuni Carvings

Zuni carvings, also known as "fetishes", are small animal sculptures 
made primarily from stone but also from shell and other natural materials which are hand carved by Zuni and other Pueblo artisans. These animal carvings often represent specific desireable attributes such as healing, protection and good luck. Many families will be known for a distinct style of carving or they may have an affinity for carving certain animals. Sometimes an animal will have the addition of a heartline which signifies increased vitality, or the magnification of what a specific animal represents, or the fetishes may carry a medicine bundle or "offering" of an arrowhead or small beads as a gift of thanks from the carver to the spirit of the animal for whatever blessings it may bring.
Native Seeds/SEARCH is pleased to present this unique collection and to represent work created by many talented artists.

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