Native Access

These varieties are not “for sale,” but Indigenous individuals can access them through the Native American Seed Request, Bulk Seed Exchange, Community Seed Grant, or Rematriation programs. We are also open to partnerships with non-indigenous farmers or experienced growers who want to participate in our Bulk Seed Exchange program to help build up seed stocks. Our goal is to see that Indigenous persons have access to their traditional varieties of seeds and the resources to grow them in their homelands or in diaspora. While Native Seeds/ Search has sold some of these varieties in the past, we will no longer sell Indigenous affiliated seeds, unless we have a direct partnership and understanding with Indigenous farmers and communities to sell seeds that they have grown. Many Native farmers have expressed concerns over the sale of particular varieties, and it is long overdue that we ensure we are aligned with tribal protocol and meeting the responsibilities expected of us by those Native farmers who have entrusted us with their seed. It is important to remember that for Native people these seeds are both intellectual property and relatives with precise instructions for their care. For inquiries around complete repatriation of particular varieties back to a tribe, clan, or family, please contact

We invite everyone to assist in our mission to conserve these seeds through supporting Indigenous farmers to revitalize their traditional foods and build food sovereignty. We ask that non-native growers respect that these seeds are here for their original communities. There are many great seed varieties available for purchase that have similar traits and growing qualities, as well a history of use amongst all the diverse peoples who have called the Southwest home.