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Tohono O'odham Basketry

Tohono O'odham (People of the Desert) gather Sonoran Desert plant materials by hand to weave baskets in the traditional way. The inner coil, the warp, is made from split Beargrass and the outer design, the weft, is typically made from Soaptree Yucca (natural green or sun-bleached white). Sometimes other materials are woven into the basket's design using Devil's Claw (black), or in more rare instances, the root from the Banana Yucca (red).
Your purchase helps support Native weavers and the conservation of arid-adapted seeds of the Southwest.

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  1. Blossom Basket with Devil's Claw Pod Trim
  2. Small Oval Shaped Basket with White Rim
  3. Acorn Shaped Lidded Olla
  4. Large Round Wheat Stitch Plate with Devil's Claw Trim
  5. Finely Woven Split Stitch Olla
  6. Traditional Fret Motif
  7. Saguaro Cacti With Red Fruit and Dogs (Polychrome)
  8. Small Flat Round Plate
  9. Small Round Wheat Stitch Basket with Closed Stitch Center
  10. Polychrome Lightning Motif Basket
  11. Wheat Stitch Keepsake Basket with Devil's Claw Trim
  12. Man-in-the-Maze Basket with Flying Doves
  13. Long Neck Olla Basket
  14. Small Split Stitch Lidded Basket
  15. Green and White Small Lidded Basket
  16. Eagle Basket - Tohono O'odham
  17. Wheat Stitch with White Border
  18. Medium Split Stitch Basket with Lid
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  19. Tohono O'odham Wheat stitch basket with dark brown devil's claw trim
  20. Large Round Wheat Stitch Plate with Devil's Claw Trim
  21. Large Round Wheat Stitch Plate with Devil's Claw Trim
  22. Split Stitch Olla Basket
  23. Whirling Star Basket with Solid White Trim
  24. Small Split Stitch Lidded Basket