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  1. Candelaria's: Southwest - Traditional Seasoning Blend
  2. Candelaria's: Chipotle - Smoky Chile Seasoning
  3. Candelaria's Durango traditional chile seasoning. Mix to make a great pineapple salsa.
  4. Fresh green chile seasoning - Makes an award winning Green Chile Dip! Also for Marinades, Tacos, Burritos, Salsas and Fajitas, recipes on packaging Green chile, onions, sea salt, select spices All natural, Gluten free, no sugar or preservatives, very low sodium Medium heat 1 oz. spice pack
  5. Candelaria's: El Rojo - Spicy Seasoning Blend
  6. Candelaria's: Smoked Paprika (Smoked Red Chile)
  7. Carne Adovada Traditional Mix
  8. arizona habanero very hot chile powder AZ007
  9. Sea Salt Infused with Chiltepin - 3.5 oz. Jar
  10. arizona black canyon gold
  11. arizona smoked garlic chipotle
  12. Arizona Hatch
  13. Mesquite Smoked Chiltepin - 1/8 oz. Jar
  14. Arizona Chipotle Seasoning