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Seed Donations

NS/S offers seed donations to organizations in the Southwestern U.S. focused on improving seed security, seed distribution, seed saving, and seed access within their own communities, including organizations who have existing or planned seed banks.  Our region of focus generally includes Arizona, New Mexico, southern Utah, southern Colorado, west Oklahoma, west Texas, southern California, southern Nevada, and northwest Mexico.  The purpose of these donations are to help establish and increase populations of traditional seeds in communities who have a relationship to the seeds in the NS/S collection. NS/S will give top priority to organizations that are culturally connected to the seeds and who either plan to increase the seeds for their community through growouts or will distribute seeds to community members who are culturally related to the seeds.  Questions may be sent to

  • Except for Tribally affiliated schools or colleges of the Southwest, this program is not designed for school or community gardens.  Seeds for school or community gardens may be accessed through our Community Seed Grant Program.
  • The quantity of seed that is donated will be at the discretion of NS/S staff and will depend on availability. If a specific variety is low, NS/S may also work with you or another partner to increase seeds that are of interest to your organization or community.