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Balms and Salves

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  1. Nellie's Natural Pinon Cream - 4 oz. size (Diné)
  2. Mesquite Honey Lip Balm. SPF 15. Sweet protection from sun and wind! Heals, softens, and moisturizes dry lips. Deliciously restorative.
  3. SPF 15 Organic Shea Butter Lip Balm made with wild-harvested Prickly Pear juice. Protects from sun, wind, and free radicals. Sweet and moisturizing. Handmade in Tucson, AZ.
  4. White Sage Balm Tin .75 oz
  5. Greasewood Ointment Tin .75 oz
  6. Sore Joint Rub Tin .75 oz
  7. Piñon Sap Salve Tin .75 oz
  8. Sage, Lavender & Orange Balm Tin .75 oz
  9. Sage, Lavender & Juniper Balm Tin .75 oz
  10. Insect Bite Salve .75 oz
  11. Lip Balm Tin - Cherry
  12. Lip Balm Tin - Peppermint .75 oz
  13. Lip Balm Tin - Sweet Orange .75 oz. BACK IN STOCK!
  14. NEW! Sore Joint Rub 3 oz.  LARGE SIZE TIN
  15. Sold Out
  16. Chaparral Healing Salve