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Community Seed Grants


Who is eligible

Community Seed Grants are offered to organizations working toward collective food security, seed sovereignty, education, therapy/rehabilitation, and other works of community wellbeing. Priority is given to projects and organizations that clearly support food access and resilience for systematically marginalized communities. The grants are for communities that are regionally and culturally connected to our seeds. Our region of focus generally includes Arizona, New Mexico, southern Utah, southern Colorado, west Oklahoma, west Texas, southern California, southern Nevada, and northwest Mexico. That being said, Native communities in arid places outside of this area are often included in the program as well, and are encouraged to apply. We are happy to support projects in Mexico, but due to mailing restrictions it is best if you have someone in the US who can receive the seeds in the mail and then coordinate getting them to Mexico. See a list of 2021 grant recipients here

Seed Grants are fulfilled within 4-6 weeks. 

Seed libraries are eligible to receive one pre-selected variety each year. More information about seed library grants can be found here. 


What is available

  • Grants are available for up to 30 seed packets, however most organizations find they only need between 5-20 packets. Please reflect on your organization’s growing capacity when selecting seeds, including the size of your growing space and your collective availability to tend to and harvest these crops. On average, one packet is appropriate for 50-100 square feet of growing space.  
  • Organizations are eligible to receive a grant once per calendar year, and we encourage re-applying each year over requesting more seeds than you have capacity to grow. 
  • You may select any seeds on the “Buy Seeds” page of our website. Native-serving organizations may additionally select seeds from the “Native Access” page of our website.
  • Grant recipients may request one copy of our book Seed Saving in the Southwest free of charge.

What we ask of you

  • NS/S is an organization that is committed to returning heirloom, regionally and culturally significant seeds to communities. We strive to share the impact of our work through the stories of our customers and those who access our seeds. In return for the grant, we ask that you provide a brief report with photos. Excerpts from these reports may be used in NS/S media to show the impact of our (and your) work.
  • To see an example of a successful Seed Grant Report created by Zuni Youth Enrichment Project, click here. 
  • Granted seeds will not be sold or utilized for commercial breeding purposes.
  • Please save seeds wherever possible to support the seedstock of your community. We are happy to answer questions!


How to apply

Apply online here>>>

Download PDF, print and mail in here>>

Download Spanish version PDF, print and mail in here>>

Questions? Email, or call Ray at (520) 622-0830 x112.



"Thanks to the seeds you donated, we were able to plant a large garden with children from our neighborhood outreach sites in the inner city Albuquerque area as well as here in the South Valley. For many of the children and some of the adults involved, this was their first experience with gardening and growing their own food, as well as seed saving. We have already harvested some of our plants, and are collecting enough seeds to start our very own seed bank. - James Landry, Operations Director, Mission ABQ

 "For many students, this was the first time trying vegetables such as kale and radishes!  In addition to the school age folks, 8 University of Arizona School and Community Garden Interns learned about planting seeds and growing food along side the students.  The total number of people impacted by this project was at least 435 people including students and adults that worked in the garden and enjoyed in its bounty. This Native Seed Search seed grant helped bring our garden back to life." - Borton Elementry School