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All proceeds benefit the conservation of arid-adapted seeds.
Jewelry is handcrafted by Native American artists from the Southwest.
All sales on jewelry items are final.


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  1. Angled Slab Earrings - Turquoise
  2. Blue Turquoise Slab Earrings
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  3. Small carved Sleeping Beauty Mine turquoise turtle stud earrings in sterling silver setting By Falena and Verona Malie Measures approx. 3/8 of and inch wide by .50 inches long
  4. Hand crafted by Santo Domingo Pueblo artist Ronald Chavez Lightweight, stacked multicolor slab earrings Sterling silver French hooks Earrings are approximately 1.5 inches long, tapered, and dangle from earlobe approximately 1.75 inches
  5. Dangle Blossom Earring
  6. Little Desert Tortoise earrings by Lucille Platero, Diné silversmith Hand stamped sterling silver with turquoise stone in center Measures approximately 1 inch long x .50 inches wide, and dangles from earlobe approximately 1.5 inches long Sterling silver ear wires *All sales on jewelry are final. No returns or exchanges.
  7. Desert Tortoise Earrings - Zuni
  8. Handcrafted sterling silver earrings with geometric pattern By distinguished Diné jeweler Elgin Tom Measures approx. 1.5 inches long and 1 inch wide, dangles from earlobe approximately 2 inches Sterling silver ear wires
  9. Feather Dangle Earrings - Lena Platero
  10. Feather Earrings - Lena Platero
  11. Sterling silver dangling concho blossom earrings by Diné silversmith Raymond Coriz Hand stamped with repousse work and sterling silver wires Measures .50 inches in diameter,  Dangles form ear lobe approx. 1 inch
  12. Heart Dangle Earrings