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Seed Diaries Project

Every seed has a story, a place and a history. At Native Seeds/SEARCH, we steward a collection of desert-adapted, culturally significant heirloom seeds originating from the Southwestern United States and Northwest Mexico. These seeds represent over 4,000 years of agricultural history in the region and reflect the diversity of people, cultures, cuisines, and environments of the area. The Seed Diaries Project is a sample of this collection.
The Seed Diaries Project has been generously funded by the Southwestern Foundation for Education and Historic Preservation. Diary information was compiled by former Conservation Farm Intern Danielle Johnson and Collections Manager Melissa Kruse-Peeples with assistance from former Deputy Director Belle Starr. We are also grateful for the generations of seed keepers who have not only saved and stewarded the agricultural diversity but the stories and of these seeds. learn more