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Wil Taylor Framed Prints

Taylor's paintings depict the natural world, dreams and the human experience. He combines powerful designs and patterns with elegantly rendered subjects. The work evokes a sense of calm, wonder and energetic curiosity about the world.

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  1. Wil Taylor: "Hummer Heaven" Mandala (Framed Print 12"x12")
  2. Wil Taylor: "Blue Corn"  (Framed Print 11"x14")
  3. Wil Taylor: "Red Corn"  (Framed Print 11"x14")
  4. Wil Taylor: "Teddy Bear/Blue Eyes" Mandala (Framed Print 12"x12")
  5. Wil Taylor: "Creosote Blossom" (Framed Print 12"x12")
  6. Wil Taylor: "Brittlebush" (Framed Print 12"x12")
  7. Wil Taylor: "Ruby Throated Hummingbird" (Framed Print 12"x12")
  8. Wil Taylor: "Milkweed Vine" (Framed Print 12"x12")
  9. Wil Taylor: "Columbine" (Framed Print 12"x12")
  10. Wil Taylor: "Brushfoot/Poppy" Mandala (Framed Print 12"x12")
  11. Wil Taylor: "Super Sunflower"  (Framed Print 12"x12")
  12. Wil Taylor: "Organ Pipe Cactus Blossom"  (Framed Print 12"x12")
  13. Wil Taylor: "Blue Eyes Blossom" (Framed Print 12"x12")
  14. Wil Taylor: "Firewheel" Wil Taylor (Framed Print 12"x12")
  15. By Tucson artist and naturalist Wil Taylor, full color print, biography included. Image measures 7.5" x 7.5" plus a 2.25" white border. Black frame with glass, measures 12" x 12". Item packed and shipped separately if needed, additional charge may apply if part of a larger order.
  16. Wil Taylor: "Cholla Blossom" (Framed Print 12"x12")
  17. Wil Taylor: "Saint Saguaro"  (Framed Print 12"x12")
  18. Wil Taylor: "Magic Dragon"  Mandala (Framed Print 12"x12")
  19. Wil Taylor: "Wolfberry" (Framed Print 12"x12")
  20. Wil Taylor: "Desert Four O'Clock Blossom" (Print 12"x12")