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Wil Taylor Framed Prints

Framed prints by local Tucson artist Wil Taylor.
Wil was born and raised in the wilderness of Washington State, and later lived off the grid in the Sonoran Desert. He began his journey with the guidance of his grandfather, who, being a Klickitat native, instilled in him, through song, story and example, the spirit and meaning of nature.

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  1. NEW! Wil Taylor: "Cholla Blossom" (Framed Print 12"x12")
  2. NEW! Wil Taylor: "Organ Pipe Cactus Blossom"  (Framed Print 12"x12")
  3. NEW! Wil Taylor: "Gila Woodpecker" (Framed Print 12"x12")
  4. NEW! Wil Taylor: "Red Corn"  (Framed Print 11"x14")
  5. NEW! Wil Taylor: "Saint Saguaro"  (Framed Print 12"x12")
  6. NEW! Wil Taylor: "Cooper's Hawk" (Framed Print 12"x12")
  7. NEW! Wil Taylor: "Hedgehog Cactus Blossom"  (Framed Print 12"x12")
  8. NEW! Wil Taylor: "Blue Corn"  (Framed Print 11"x14")
  9. Wil Taylor: "Roadrunner" (Framed Print 12"x12")
  10. Wil Taylor: "Magic Dragon"  Mandala (Framed Print 12"x12")
  11. Wil Taylor: "Gila Monster" (Framed Print 12"x12")
  12. Wil Taylor: "Bird of Paradise" (Framed Print 12"x12")
  13. NEW! Wil Taylor: "June Beetle" (Framed Print 12"x12")
  14. Wil Taylor: "Super Sunflower"  (Framed Print 12"x12")
  15. Wil Taylor: "Hummer Heaven" Mandala (Framed Print 12"x12")
  16. Wil Taylor: "Beauty & Blossom" (Framed Print 11"x14")
  17. Wil Taylor: "Coyote Gourd" (Framed Print 12"x12")
  18. Wil Taylor: "Desert Five Spot Blossom" (Print 12"x12")
  19. Wil Taylor: "Teddy Bear/Blue Eyes" Mandala (Framed Print 12"x12")
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  20. Wil Taylor: "Wolfberry" (Framed Print 12"x12")
  21. Wil Taylor: "The Altar of Beauty Mandala" (Framed Print 12"x12")
  22. Wil Taylor: "Brushfoot/Poppy" Mandala (Framed Print 12"x12")
  23. Wil Taylor: "Creosote Blossom" (Framed Print 12"x12")
  24. Wil Taylor: "Desert Four O'Clock Blossom" (Print 12"x12")