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  1. SUPER DARK 85% Organic Chocolate Mexicano
  2. CINNAMON - Organic Chocolate Mexicano
  3. VANILLA - Organic Chocolate Mexicano
  4. COFFEE - Organic Chocolate Mexicano
  5. spicy chocolate from arizona
  6. sea salt dark chocolate made in Arizona
  7. 70% Dark Chocolate & Chipotle Chili Pepper. Complex, warming, smoky flavor pairs well with dry red wine. Non-GMO, Fair Trade certified. 3 ounce bar. Made in Arizona.
  8. 73% Cacao & Pasilla Negra Chili. Sweet, mild warmth from the "little raisin" pepper carries through deep chocolate complexity. Non-GMO, Fair Trade certified. 3 ounce dark chocolate bar. Made in Arizona.
  9. Highly Nutritious Organic Corn Pinole grown in Arizona
  10. Organic Heirloom Pima Club Wheat Pinole made from mesquite parched and stone milled wheat berries.