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Sweets & Snacks

An assortment of regional sweet & salty snacks to enjoy!
All purchases support the mission to conserve heirloom seeds of the Southwest.

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  1. NEW! Mexican Hot Chocolate Artisan Popcorn
  2. NEW! Rosemary Artisan Popcorn
    Sold Out
  3. Savory with a kick, from Green Chiles sourced from Hatch, New Mexico Fully popped and ready to enjoy Handcrafted in small batches in Tucson, Arizona Cooked in Rice Bran Oil, Non GMO, Dairy & Nut Free, with no artificial flavors or colors
  4. NEW! Churro Artisan Popcorn
  5. Mesquite Date Pecan Cookies
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  6. Blue Popcorn Kernels BACK IN STOCK SOON!
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  7. SUPER DARK 85% Organic Chocolate Mexicano
  8. COFFEE - Organic Chocolate Mexicano
  9. CINNAMON - Organic Chocolate Mexicano
  10. VANILLA - Organic Chocolate Mexicano
  11. Elderberry Cocoa
  12. Sonoran Cocoa with Mesquite and Chiles
  13. Sale
  14. sea salt dark chocolate made in Arizona
  15. spicy chocolate from arizona