Partner Gardener Program

Be a Partner Gardener and help grow more seeds. When we each grow a little, it adds up to a lot! Want to help conserve seeds but don’t have a farm to grow them on? You can grow a variety together with a seed-growing team. 

  • Open to anyone with some gardening experience and soil to plant in (container or in-ground is fine).
  • You must be able to pick up and return seeds to the NS/S Conservation Center in Tucson, AZ. We cannot mail them.
  • You will be part of a "Seed Team". Each member will grow 5-15 plants of the same variety, then return 50% of your harvest to NS/S at the end of the season (you keep the rest!)
  • Your returned seeds will help increase seed stocks of these rare seeds so they are available for future generations!
  • This is a new program and there are just 40 slots available for partner growers. There will be new opportunities in the next growing season.


Application due date: 6/10/21
Receive team assignment: 6/16/21
Zoom meeting with NS/S staff and teammates: 6/30/21, 6:30pm
Plant your seeds in your garden: Week of July 5th


All spaces are filled for this program at this time!  Check back in a few months to apply for future openings.


Crops being grown this season:
Havasupai Striped Sunflower
Colorado River Devil's Claw
Texas Chiltepin
Sacaton White Tepary