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Partner Gardener Program


mayo blusher plants

Be a Partner Gardener and help grow more seeds. When we each grow a little, it adds up to a lot! Want to help conserve seeds but don’t have a farm to grow them on? You can grow a variety together with a seed-growing team. 

  • Open to anyone with some gardening experience and garden beds to plant in.
  • This year we will be growing the Mayo Blusher Squash.  Each partner gardener will grow a minimum of 5 plants, then return 50% of your seed harvest to NS/S at the end of the season (you keep the rest!)
  • Our season will begin with a mandatory Garden Meeting on June 11 at 9 am at the Conservation Center in Tucson.  This is where you will receive your seeds as well as training about growing the crop.
  • We expect that growing 5 squash plants will require at least 100 square feet of room for the vines to sprawl.  The plants will also need to be located at least 800 feet from any other maxima squash variety.
  • Your returned seeds will help increase seed stocks of these rare seeds so they are available for future generations!



Learn  More about the Mayo Blusher Here

Application due date: 6/1/22
Program acceptance letter sent by: 6/3/22
Gardener meeting with NS/S staff and teammates: 6/11/22
Plant your seeds in your garden: end of June / beginning of July
Apply here to be a Partner Gardener.