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Native American Seed Request

Who is eligible:

The NASR Program is for individuals who fulfill at least one of two criteria.

1. You are an Indigenous Person living within the boundary noted in the image.
2. You belong to a tribe that is found within that same boundary.



This region includes Arizona, New Mexico, southern Utah, southern Colorado, southern Nevada, western Oklahoma, western Texas, southern California, and northwest Mexico (Sonora, Chihuahua and Baja California).

Eligible households may receive 15 free regular-size seed packets per household once a year. No more than 3 regular size packets of any one seed variety per request.

How to order seeds (choose one)

  • ONLINE: Click here for NASR Application
  • MAIL: Download, print and mail this order form to 3584 E River Road, Tucson, AZ 85718
  • PHONE: Local calls: 520-622-0830 x113 or Call toll-free at 866-622-5561 x113, 10am to 5pm, Monday through Friday

Where to choose seeds

  • Seeds available through the program are here>>
  • Wildflower seeds are not available through this program, but a complimentary packet of Southwest Native Wildflower mix will be included with each request
  • Seed Saver Size corn packets may be requested, but each counts as 4 packets
  • To have a Seedlisting catalog mailed to you please call 866-622-5561 x113.

Seeds can be shipped (shipping fees apply), or may be picked up at our Conservation Center in Tucson. Wait for an email that will tell you your order is ready, as this can take several days.

    Find more information on saving your own seeds click here>> 

    NS/S stewards rare and endangered crops seeds so they continue to be available, especially to communities with historical and cultural relationships with these seeds. Seventy percent of the seeds in the NS/S seedbank were donated by or traded with Indigenous people of the American Southwest and Northwest Mexico. They saved these varieties and passed them down through generations.