Native American Seed Request

Roughly two-thirds of the seed varieties in the Native Seeds/SEARCH collection originate with Native American communities in the southwestern U.S. and Mexico. NS/S works to ensure that indigenous people continue to have access to these traditional seeds through the Native American Seed Request Program.

  • For Native American individuals and families living in the Greater Southwest Region, or belonging to tribes from the Southwest Region regardless of residential location: you may request 10 free seed packets per household per year (Jan - Dec). You may purchase up to 20 additional seed packets at $2 per packet.
  • For Native Americans living outside of the Greater Southwest Region that belong to tribes from outside the Southwest region: you are eligible to purchase up to 30 packets per household at $2 per packet in a calendar year.
  • Native American identity for this program is self-reported and no tribal identification card is required.
  • No more than 3 packets of any one seed variety per request.
  • Seed Collections are not included in the program.
  • Seed Saver Size packets may be requested, but each counts as 5 packets.  If you are interested in larger quantities of seed, consider our Partner Farmer Program.



You can choose from the indigenous seed varieties listed here. You can also choose from any of the seed varieties available to the general public in our 2021 Seedlisting here.  Any varieties you see on either list are available now through NASR in packet size (with the exception of some wildflowers.)


There are several ways to place your order. Please, only one order-form per household. Shipping charges requested are $3.95 per 10-packet request.

  • Download and mail this order form to 3584 E River Road, Tucson, AZ 85718 OR email the order form to  OR
  • This order form is also available in Spanish
  • OR, call 520-622-0830 x113, or toll-free at 866-622-5661 x113, 10am to 5pm, Monday through Friday; 
  • For those without internet access, we can mail a print catalog; call 520-622-0830 x113 to request one.
  • The Retail store is closed at this time due to Covid-19, but WE ARE CONTINUING TO FILL NATIVE AMERICAN SEED REQUESTS.  Please note that it may take us longer than usual to ship your seeds as we are short on volunteers.

Given that a goal of this organization is to promote and conserve traditional arid-adapted crop seed, we encourage recipients to order seeds from the Seed Bank Collection. These are the seeds with most cultural relevance to Native communities. However, any crop seeds available from NS/S may be requested through this program. If you want to request wildflower seeds, please contact NS/S, as not all are available through the program.

We also strongly encourage recipients to save seeds from the plants they grow to continue the cycle of giving and improve food security. Save the seeds, share them, keep them alive in the community. Find more information on saving your own seeds.



Community Seed Grant Program: This program is intended for larger, community garden projects.

Partner Farmer Program: Native American individuals who have larger farms and have the ability to save seeds can obtain larger quantities of seeds through this program.

You can email for information on any of these programs.