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These greens are heat tolerant and can be grown in the summer even in the low desert.  The monsoon season is a great time to plant them.  Or if planted in spring they will grow straight through the hot summer months if given enough water.  ALSO check out other summer crops with leaves that can be used as greens:  young amaranth and cowpea leaves are tasty and nutritious, and they LOVE the heat.

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  1. Arugula
  2. DiMeglio Arugula is both heat and cold tolerant in the low desert, so you can grow it year round.  Bright, sharp arugula flavor.
  3. Red Malabar Spinach
  4. Golden Purslane
  5. Chichiquelite
  6. Georgia Collards
  7. Molokhia
  8. Atlixco Quelite