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  1. Mole Negro Starter Kit - From Oaxaca to You!
  2. Mole Coloradito Starter Kit - From Oaxaca to You!
  3. Masa Harina (Prepared Dough Mix for Corn Tortillas)
  4. NEW! Amaranth Heirloom Atole Mix
  5. NEW! Champurrado Heirloom Atole Mix
  6. NEW! Cafe De Olla - Cacao Brew
  7. NEW! Large Chocolate bar: 70% Guatemala (LOCAL PICK UP ONLY)
  8. Spicy Al Pastor seasoning combines the rich and earthy flavors of chilies and spices of  Mexico in a bottle. Delicious on any pork, beef, poultry, or seafood dish. It’s spicy, smokey flavor can’t be beat. Great for tacos! 5 oz. jar
  9. Hatch Chile Verde seasoning is a robust and earthy blend of New Mexico Hatch chilies and other savory spices. Inspired by the bold flavors of the American Southwest, it has as sweet, garlicky, smoky yet mildly spicy taste. This blend is an ideal match for your pork dishes, ribs, poultry, beef, and seafood dishes.  5 oz. jar
  10. Bold Citrus Seasoning Marinade
  11. Spice up your day with Tangy Chile Limón Seasoning. It is a perfect balance of salt, spices & lime. This seasoning pairs well with fish, vegetables, fruit - or a fan favorite: rimming Margaritas, Micheladas or Bloody Marys. Enjoy! 7.2 oz jar
  12. Hot Sauce
  13. "Skinwalker Style" Barbeque Sauce
  14. Traditional Navajo Frybread Mix