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Please do not order more than 3 packets of any one variety, and no more than 40 packets total.

Most desert wildflowers are planted in fall/winter in the desert, early spring in cooler climates. Planting instructions are included on the packets of these lovely native Southwestern desert wildflowers.  Most varieties come in two sizes. The small size is 1-1.5 g and covers approximately 30 square feet. The large size is 0.5 oz and covers 100-200 square feet depending upon the size of the seed.

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  1. Mexican Evening Primrose
  2. Mexican Hat (Red)
  3. Mexican Gold Poppy
  4. Vigorous plants thrive in hot, dry weather. Can grow up to 72” tall, and produces showy bright orange flowers; You may find occasional plants with yellow or red flowers. Blooms midsummer to first hard freeze. Attracts beneficial insects. Though this plant is not native to the Southwestern U.S. we include it because of its cultural importance in the region.  Plant when the soil warms in the spring.
  5. Monsoon - Fall Mix for Desert Native Bees
  6. Monsoon Wildflower Mix
  7. Mountain Meadow Wildflower Mix
  8. Old Town Tucson Wildflowers
  9. Palmer's Penstemon/Wild Pink Snapdragon
  10. Plains Coreopsis
  11. Prairie Coneflower
  12. Purple Coneflower
  13. Red Flax
  14. Short Stuff: Native Grasses & Wildflower Mix - For Wet Season
  15. seeds for desert planting creosote globemallow
  16. Southwest Native Wildflower Mix
  17. Spring Nurturing Mix for Desert Native Bees
  18. Summer Bloom - Arizona Wildflower Mix
  19. Summertime Wildflower Mix
  20. Tahoka Daisy