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Desert Blue Bells


Phacelia campanularia

Annual, low growing, blue-violet flowers look like little bells. Multiple blossoms per plant. Beautiful little flowers will be covered with butterflies and bees! Grows well in tight spaces like rock gardens and between pavers. Plant in fall to early spring. 1 gram packet

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Customer Reviews

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Hard to review flowers before you see the blooms!

I am reviewing due to constant requests to do what can you say about seeds that have been planted and are months from producing results ??? Well, the packaging was very nice, the instructions were easy to follow. Took a bit of time to ship after the order was received, but then time wasn't an issue.

Great Source for Wildflower Seeds

I ordered a number of seeds, which I do every year. I love wild flowers and this is my go-to place for them, especially for the low-desert in AZ. I like this organization because they are in AZ and understand the microclimates here well, which is not the same experience I have when ordering garden plants/seeds elsewhere. They give helpful instructions on when to plant, which is always a question when trying to time things for desert growing conditions.

Brilliant blue flowers even better than photo

I got some of these growing as part of a fall mix of spring pollinator... and have this flowering as part of the mix. Very easy to grow in a large pot. I have to say that even with these beautiful pictures in catalog online... the photos do not come close to showing what a gorgeous cobalt blue these flowers are. I love a bright blue flower, which contrasts nicely with what I usually pick (oranges and purples). Next fall I will plant a lot more of these!

So pretty!

Even when not in bloom, the plants are very pretty. Give them a little water and they'll keep blooming until the first real heats of summer come. Desert bees and Hummingbird Moths love them. They redily re-seed. Plant once and enjoy for years after.