Bulk Seed Exchange


native american bulk seed exchange

How it Works:

Recipients of bulk seed will be asked to save and return 1.5 times the amount of seed to NS/S at the end of the season (provided they have had a successful harvest). The returned seed should only represent a small fraction of the total seed harvested so that participants can have seed to plant in the future. At the grower's request, returned seed will be put towards future Native American Bulk Seed Exchange Requests.

    Interested recipients should contact NS/S to discuss the varieties they are interested in growing and the amount of land they plan to cultivate. Due to limited quantities, not all varieties in the collection may be available, but we will work with participants to match requests with seed availability. Please contact us at nschlager@nativeseeds.org.

    Through this agreement, the bulk seed supplies will be continually replenished and the program will be able to expand to supply more growers, thus greatly increasing the availability of traditional seed and foods both within Native communities and throughout the broader Southwest region.

    While the Native American Seed Request provides access to seed packets adequate for small plots, the Native American Bulk Seed Exchange Program provides access to bulk quantities of seeds allowing large quantities of traditional crops to be grown. The program is available for individual Native American farmers or organizations working with indigenous communities.