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Magdalena Acelgas

  • GR016
  • Beta vulgaris. Acelgas is Spanish for chard. A family heirloom from Magdalena, Sonora, donated by Jesus Garcia and grown out at the Mission Garden Project of Tucson. This variety has shorter stems than most modern chard varieties. Grows well in the winter and through the summer in the low desert.  From our Seed Bank Collection.

    • Approx. 2g/100 seeds per packet.
    • Limit 3 packets.


  • $3.95

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Jason Fasi
Delicious, productive, short-stemmed, unsavoyed, 90% germination

I love chard, but when I've grown standard varieties at home, they've either been really stemmy, so savoyed that bugs hide in the ruffles and it's difficult to clean them, they haven't been very productive, or sometimes all three. Magdalena acelgas is everything I want in a chard. It has shorter, smaller stems. It stays compact while also producing crazy layers of leaves. The leaves are smooth with very little to no savoy. And on top of that, it tastes great and was easy to germinate. I am super impressed!

Andrea Dalton
Great fall planting

Live in NW Tucson. This is my second planting of Magdalena. My first try was a spring planting growing over the summer and my harvest was meh. Tried again planting in the fall and my chard has exploded this March. Big beautiful green plants. I don’t know what to do with it all. I didn’t bother thinning them. They’re a bit crowded but seemingly happy.

Joy and Perry
Magdalena Acelgus - disappointing

I’d hoped to grow this plant as an experiment in my early summer Wisconsin garden. Germination was poor - probably only 10%. It’s not really growing - still only the two cotyledons. I’m disappointed though not unhappy that it’s not growing. (After all, it’s a trial) I can’t explain the poor germination though.

Karen Kane
Couldn’t figure which it was

Too many greens planted at same time. They all grew really well but I couldn’t figure out which it was. Seed packet pictures didnt help

Stanley Hagyard
great stuff

I really love this plant. It seems to do best not exactly on the irrigation, rather a little further away where it's a little dryer. I pluck leaves for months and it just keep producing. I use it to cook with, very similar to a chard or spinach. Don't miss out