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Popular Cool Season Varieties


In the low desert, these varieties do best if planted between September and January.  At higher elevations they can be planted in spring.

Wildflowers are best planted in October and November in the low desert, so they can establish their roots in the cool season and be ready to bloom in spring.

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  1. Texas Early Grano
  2. Sugar Ann Snap
  3. Champion
  4. An annual wildflower with blooms ranging from blue to purple in the spring.  It is the largest of the annual lupines, 1-2 ft tall increasing with good moisture and fertility.  A native to western California, Arizona and Baja California in areas below 2000 ft in elevation.  Prefers moist clay or heavy soils in full sun.
  5. A perennial shrub native to the Sonoran Desert.  Blooms March through April and the nectar is a great source for honey bees.  The plants are 2-4 ft tall and are equally wide. The abundant flowers are apricot to orange.  Plant in fall to early spring.  Prefers soil with good drainage.  Elevation 0 - 5000ft
  6. Mexican Gold Poppy