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Magdalena Cilantro

  • HB017
  • Coriandrum sativum. A family heirloom from Magdalena, Sonora, generously donated by Jesus Garcia.    The fragrant cilantro leaves are useful in so many recipes ... and when it bolts, save the coriander seed to grind for recipes or to plant again.  From our Seed Bank Collection.

    • Origin: low desert, about 3300' elevation
    • This is a cool season crop in the low desert, and needs to be planted into cool soil (late winter through very early spring) ... elsewhere grow it in the spring. 
    • Approx. 1g/100 seeds per packet.
    • Limit 3 packets.
  • $3.95

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Helen Bernal

Order was prompt, with all i ordered. Looking for Mexican oregano seeds.

Lydia Dubose

Magdalena Cilantro

Unfortunate Event

I am a beginner, trying to start a garden. Unfortunately, the weather was not in my favor. I have planted the seeds in a tray, but there was an unexpected windy day. The wind was really strong, that most of the light objects flew with the wind. That included the tray where I planted the seed. I was not able to have the seed sprout. Fortunately, I saved a couple of seeds. I will give it another chance this coming spring (2022). Since I was not able to see much progress, i will like to give this rating a neutral (no star). I am not able to, so for now I'll give a 1 star.

Chris P.
Hearty growth

Thank you, Mr. Garcia, for allowing us to continue to grow the seed for you. Grows well in Mesa.

Jaclyn Freedman

Great seeds - all took!